Recruit structure at Canadian PWM/Chances of landing first year PE/IBD w JD+CFA L3


I am currently in Vancouver, finishing my final year of study at UBC law school. I know it's been debated over and over again, but I too, unfortunately, find myself more attracted to finance than law (partly because I've also completed my CFA and absolutely loved it). And instead of switching later on, I think I will start my career in finance all together.

For the past few months, I've been networking with local investment professionals (folks from Canaccord, RBC PH&N, DS, BMO, Leith Wheeler etc) and so far the general idea I'm getting is that the finance scene in Vancouver is mostly PWM and mostly client facing, sales side roles. I've been browsing career sites for a while now but what I have seen so far are mostly experienced hires except administrative assistant roles. Anyone here have experience joining big bank PWM (or Canaccord) fresh out of graduate? Do they have structured hiring like IBD too? Or do I just have to wait and keep checking? I think my plan for a career in PWM would be to start as a junior person in a nice team and ultimately combine trust & estate planning skills I learned in law school with the CFA investment skills to have my own team.

On the other hand, compared to client facing roles, I am also interested in the more research focused roles, like equity analyst. I know its almost impossible to get in at Vancouver, but from what I heard from one PM (who used to work in Toronto before moving to Vancouver), it should be easier to find such positions in Toronto or Montreal and I am fully open to relocate. I've been applying to some positions in Toronto, including analyst roles at Teachers, CPPIB, and IBD positions at some of the banks. But since I'm not in a target school (I assume only UBC Sauder is targeted?) and only have one internship at a consulting company (not directly related to finance), anyone have any idea what my chances might look like? (I did the hirevue with Teachers today and the attention game with RBC but felt like I bombed both...)

Sorry again for the unnecessarily long post and thank you guys in advance for any inputs!

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