Reneging on offer to accept another from the same firm

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Hello everyone,

I have an odd dilemma. I verbally accepted (but did not sign a contract yet) an offer for a back office Risk role at a BB. This is not a role I'm particularly interested in, but a recruiter contacted me and as I'm desperate for a job I interviewed and got the role quickly. A front office role at the same bank has just made me a verbal offer out of the blue after interviewing for months. I am far more interested in this role- it's exactly what I want to be doing. However, a written offer has not yet been delivered to me and will take a couple of days. I cannot hold off the back office role any longer and either have to renege on my verbal offer or sign the binding contract.

Neither recruiter is aware I have an offer from a different division of the firm. They don't even work out of the same office.

Thoughts on how to handle? What are the odds, given the time of year, that the front office role doesn't get formally approved after I back out of the other role and I'm left without any job at all? Can I even renege on the back office offer without losing the other offer?

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Oct 5, 2017

Reneg and push for a fast physical offer to sign for the front office.

Oct 1, 2018

Reneg. Take front office


Oct 1, 2018

Wouldn't be a good look since you're screwing the company over by reneging.

Oct 1, 2018