SA Recruiting Postmortem

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I'm a junior Econ major at a target (remote Ivy) w 3.6 GPA. Applied for most BB and EB to no avail, not even a superday. Granted, I didn't go through the early recruiting because last spring I (foolishly) wasn't sure I wanted to do banking junior summer. This past summer I interned at the State Dept doing econ research with doesn't help much. I'm trying to determine two things:

1. What went wrong; is the GPA too low? Experiences too disparate? (US DoS, business club and academic journal leadership positions) Not enough networking? I did a moderate amount of networking especially last spring during bank-sponsored campus events. Feel free to tear me apart I want to get to the bottom of why I haven't gotten any bites.

2. What to do next; my focus going forward for recruiting next summer is super broad, e.g. econ consultancies (Cornerstone, AG, etc.), transaction advisory/valuation, strategy consulting (LEK, Parth, etc). Am I out of luck for banking? What sorts of SA opportunities will open the most doors?

I'd really appreciate any advice or thoughts someone who's tread the path before might offer. Cheers.

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Sep 15, 2018