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Hey Guys,

So need a bit of advice here. I am a senior graduating in the spring and am looking for positions in IB.

I interviewed with a regional boutique with a good reputation last week (Monday) and I am confident that it went quite well. However, the position was for an immediate hire, which is where the problem arises. Even though I crushed the phone interview and felt like I left a good impression, the interviewer (HR) was clearly concerned that I could not start immediately. She brought up the prospect of interning part time (which I imagine could lead to an offer), and I was skeptical at first but said I could do it. I clarified this in my thank you email as well. At the end of the call she said she would discuss with the senior employees, even though I could not start full time right away (something I took as a good sign). I shot her my thank you on the next day but have not heard back since.

Should I keep waiting? My connection who helped me get the interview said I should definitely call her this week and ask, but that seems kind of aggressive. Should I call and hopefully get an answer? Or send a follow up email and likely get ghosted again?

Please let me know. Thanks in advance

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Jan 30, 2018 - 4:14pm

First, a good lesson here: when possible, try to set expectations for the next followup at the end of each conversation.

If HR offered no timeline for when you should expect to hear back, then I don't think it's overly aggressive to followup after a week+. Ask if any of the internal conversations they've had have produced any questions that you can help answer at this time.

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