Should I transfer colleges or wait?

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Hello, long time lurker of WSO. So here's my background

I'm currently a freshman at a 4-year university that has a sub-par business college (Not even top 200). I chose this school because I always believed "It doesn't matter where you go, just get a degree". As well, I don't come from a wealthy family so money is a huge component for me. But soon, I realized that I'm going to have to transfer to another university to have a shot in a future with IB. So, I applied to the University of Illinois (as it's in-state tuition) and am going to apply to Indiana at the end of this semester. Illinois didn't accept me into the college of business with finance (and I can't reapply once I transfer) but I did get into my second choice major (Econ) which is considered a liberal art. As well, I discovered I will qualify for free tuition at Illinois. I will get into Indiana but will have to wait a semester before applying to the business school which is fine by me. However, it is a more expensive school and I am unsure how much financial aid I receive, and although I will be able to make it through school, I'm not sure if the crippling debt will be worth it.

Also, It should also be noted why I got denied from Illinois. I wasn't the best student in high school, but have a 4.0 in college so far, and it doesn't look like that is going to change anytime soon. Illinois looked at my HS transcripts because of when I applied but Indiana will only see college.

I want to transfer as earlier as I can in order to network, and I fear transferring junior year would put me at a massive disadvantage in every way when it comes to networking, internships, etc.

So, my question is what would be the best course of action. What in reality would be the smart move? Staying and riding out another year at my current school to save money in the long run and transferring as a junior, transferring to a college that I can't get the major I'm passionate about but will go for free, or going to a college that will set me up for future success but put me in a worse spot economically.

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Mar 12, 2019

just google're welcome

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