Should you still submit sat/act to UC’s

This might be the most obvious question I've ever asked but I shit you not I can't find any info online so say I'm graduating in c/o 2023 (planning to attend Uc Berkeley for haas) should I submit sat/acts? Regardless of score instead of prepping for this shit I could spend time on other things.

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  • Prospect in IB-M&A
Feb 3, 2021 - 6:46pm

Nope. UCs are going test-blind, not test-optional. This means that if you submit your scores they won't even look at them (test optional is where it's not mandatory to submit them but if you submit your scores they'll be considered). That being said, you might not go to a UC, so just study for it anyway. Easy to get a 1400+ and not too hard to get a 1500+.

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