Spinning a buy-side SA job at FT banking interviews

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What's up all

This summer I managed to land a few banking offers but I chose what I thought was a really interesting summer job at a buy-side (PE/HF) shop, knowing that a full-time offer was not a possibility and knowing that I hope to join an analyst program after college. I'm going into my senior year this fall and intend on participating in full-time banking recruitment... specifically banking over any buy-side opportunity.

I know that it's important to have my story straight and I was wondering if anybody has advice on how to spin my decision to work buy-side this summer in my favor when interviewing for full-time.

Thanks in advance

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Jun 23, 2011

What type of work were you doing? If you could spin that you were involved in the due dilligence process & client presentations in PE then you'll be fine.. All about the spinning my friend! Be aware of candidates with previous IBANK/IM experience though.

Jun 23, 2011

I had a similar situation. I interned at a small PE shop for 6 months while I was still in school. When asked why I was interested in IB during the interview process, I responded that "although I enjoyed the experience on the buy-side, what interested me the most was the transaction or deal-making process. Given the high volume of deals that Investment Banks see and process, I feel an IB role is more aligned with my career goals and interests." I also added that the PE firm closed at maximum a handful of deals per year while Investment Banks see seemingly endless deal flow. Whether the aforementioned interest in the buy-side transaction process is genuinely true or not, if conveyed intelligently, it will work. I'll be starting a full-time IB gig in July. Good luck

Jun 23, 2011