Starting a Investment Club

Hello, fellow primates. This is my first post here after months of just reading. 

We are a group of three friends from the same university. We have studied and developed some theses and investment models together. We found out that in Brazil, the country we are from (but we are currently studying in Europe), the financial regulatory authority allows the creation of something called a Investment Club. It is very similar to the Investment Clubs that exist in the US or the UK, for example, but with some particular rules that make it more like a fund. Anyways, we believe that it would be a good possibility to put our theses into practice.

The Club would count on investments from our family and close friends, and would be managed by the three of us. As we have already managed the investments of our close family members, this would be a way of gaining scale and implementing more complete strategies and, who knows, in the future, becoming a fund.

As we are in the initial phase of the idea, we are analyzing all the issues involved. What reading suggestions or recommendations would you give us? What to keep in mind, primarily, when planning a portfolio and risk management strategy? It would be nice to hear your opinions on the matter.

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May 9, 2021 - 7:34am

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