Stereotypes of Ladies in Various 'Prestigious' Roles

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Saw 2 threads on stereotyping PE associates / MF purchasing behavior, and thought to myself 'self, ain't nobody care about the dudes. What about the ladies?' so here we are.

Anyone care to share their opinion on traits of ladies in the following roles? (ideally you would have actually dated someone there).

  1. IB girls
  2. PWM girls
  3. Asset management girls
  4. PE girls
  5. S&T girls
  6. Consultants

As you can see, this is a clear opportunity for you studs to flex how broad your dating game is. Let it fly

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Oct 18, 2019

I think Ice cream and gelato both taste great. Between the two I prefer the texture of Gelato, though some of my favorite flavors are best suited towards the texture of ice cream.

Sometimes smart people like to be right a little too much.

I tried.
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  • Associate 2 in CorpDev
Oct 18, 2019

Thanks mate, that was most insightful, and relevant to the topic at hand

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Oct 20, 2019

At least you didn't call us females

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Oct 21, 2019
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