Summer Analyst at Deutsche Bank at Jacksonville, FL?

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Just landed a summer analyst position at Deutsche Bank in Jacksonville, FL. I will be interning in their Corporate and Investment Bank, and I will have 2 rotations that can include Sales & Trading, Debt Capital Markets, Equity Research, and a few more.

Any thoughts on Deutsche at Jacksonville? I know they are a satellite office, but they have more than 2,000 employees there, so definitely a large office. I would love to connect with anyone who works or has worked at the Jacksonville office.

I am extremely lucky to get this position because I was honestly looking for a corp fin/FLDP internship. This was the only "high" finance internship I applied to, and I somehow landed it. So the thing is, I do not know anything about the rotations I mentioned, and I feel that I have a lot to learn if I want to give myself a shot of getting a FT offer. But on the bright side, I have a lot of time until next summer.

What skills should I be focusing on right now? What are some books I should read to get a better idea of the above rotations? What are some online resources that I should look into?

I would really appreciate any advice I can get, regarding Deutsche at Jacksonville and what I should be working on.

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Oct 10, 2019