Switching Job Roles - Tech Sales to Finance

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Hi guys,

Currently I work in Tech Sales. I don't hate the position, but it is not my interest. I have always been interested in finance, but did not have the grades or experience to make into a finance related position upon graduation. Pay in sales obviously fluctuates a lot, but glassdoor marks my position as making 91k annually, and my peers around me make more than this.

I would not be competitive enough to go into something like IB, but I think I would really like an analyst position in finance, something where I can use my brain more. Jobs that I am interested in generally pay around 60-70k, my current OTE is 105k this year.

I have no interest in my current work, I have always had an interest in finance (since early college) but I would probably have to take some classes to gain more experience in this area. Anyone been in a similar position? Am I just thinking the grass is always greener and should just suck it up or make some moves?

Appreciate the advice. Cheers.

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Sep 12, 2018