Switching SA to FT?

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As the title suggests, I'm currently thinking of trying to apply for some FT positions. I will be going to a top (EB,BB) this summer in IB, but I'd like to do S&T or buy side instead. How should I plan on approaching this? I am starting to just renetwork again. Any other suggestions as I'd like to go in as prepared as possible.

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Feb 6, 2020

For buy side those spots are limited and based on networking your way in. Unless your offer is a top MM/MF buyside I'd stick with IB for the training alone

S&T should be pretty easy coming from BB/EB IB. Network obviously (wait until 4-6 weeks into your internship) but many firms will explicitly offer you the chance to interview with different divisions near the end of the internship.


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Feb 7, 2020

Sounds good. If I wanted to stay in IB but switch groups, does this usually imply having to interview again?

Feb 7, 2020