Transfer into a non-target school in Richmond Virginia

I am a female finance major going into my junior year with no previous interning experience. My gpa reset recent as I transferred to a non target school (VCU) in Richmond, Virginia. I had a very low gpa at my old school(CUNY Baruch) due to personal issues.

Planning to make up for the 2.6 I had this fall semester as a junior. Some of my goals at my new school are

  • earn as high of a gpa as possible
  • join the schools student run investment portfolio club
    -join a sorority
  • join Hillel

Long term goals with all of these positions are to earn some form of leadership position in at least one. With Hillel, I planned to join to see if they can connect me potentially to some sort of internship in Israel.

Very long term goals include studying for the GMAT and potentially going to a school like Darden. I know that to get into a good MBA Program you need to have good experience and I am worried that if I don't find internships while in college I won't find a job for when I graduate.

Can anyone suggest firms around the Richmond, Virginia area that I have a good chance with if I get a high gpa this semester but don't achieve the leadership roles yet?
I would be interested in accounting or finance. I figure it wouldn't hurt to know more about accounting but my general goal is something in finance.

Also, for the super long term, what is your opinion on getting CPA certified after I graduate since I don't go to a target by any means?

Also because I go to a non target, would it be more impressive if I had a double minor of statistics and accounting in addition to being a finance major? Or do you think it wouldn't make a big difference.

Any suggestions for companies to apply to or career advice would be really helpful!

I was thinking about the federal reserve bank in Richmond or Harris Williams (but I don't know if they have finished recruiting for summer already).

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Aug 28, 2018

Hey Anxiousallthetime, sorry about the delay, but are any of these useful:

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Sep 16, 2018