updated help needed within next few hours for crafting next WSO success story

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Dear monkeys, I need ur urgent advice. I am currently in an ops role but i have had the opportunit y to show the big guns that I am quite knowledgable and skillfull and possess the overall know how of all the front office tasks ( well its the treasury of the l;argest commercial bank of my country), thanks to a special assigment which I took on solely and completed it. I can say with ease that I have impresses the big guns with confidence because after the last meeting abt the assignment where all the big guns were there ( and I was also there as I was responsble for the stuff being discussed), the Treasurer asked me if back office is good or front? and I replied that both are good but FO is obviously better ( bit diplomatic I know). then he said that he will pull me to FO when some suitable opportunity arises.

Now we have a treasury financial controller seat vacant in our front office ( I know financial control is not directly a FO role but at my bank it is part of the FO and considered as one of the ) and they are in a problem to find the right person from within FO and are starting to invite people for interviews. Obviously I would like to be a trader rather than a financial controller, but the problem is that it cannot be predicted when a trader psoition will arise and will the Treasurer pull me out of BO as he said , therefore, I am thinking I should go and ask him to consider me for the financial controller role and once I am part of the FO i can pave my way for other more desirable Fo roles.

Now what I wana ask u guys is to guide me to that would it be right to approach the Treasurer directly without informing my BO head ( who has quite good relations with the Treasurer) . I am going to rewrite the fact here ( so u dont overlook it) that the Treasurer has himself said that he would pull me to the FO when a suitable opprtunity arises. if I should not approach him directly than what should I do. Taking my BO boss in confidence is not the right option i guess because he would not let me go and might even kill my future chances if any.

I am suitable for the role being a chartered accountant and CFA (passed all levels) and should I go to the Treasurer and sell myself ( he is already impressed as I told you but I think informing him about my qualifications and that they are relevant to the role would most likely increse my chances).

Kindly advise ( might be I become another success story of WSO- a small one though).

and please pardon my spelling