USC Marshall Vs. UNC KF

I've just been accepted to both as a junior transfer from CC. I understand they're both regional targets, but is there any recruitment benefits for picking one above the other, since I'm pretty late in the recruitment process? For both I'm receiving considerable amount of need-based aid, so cost isn't that big of an issue. Not sure if it's relevant, but I have 0 internships.

WSO Elite Modeling Package

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  • Intern in IB - Ind
May 27, 2020 - 9:47pm

Can't speak for USC, but I can give you perspective from UNC. KFBS is largely split between students gunning for consulting or for IB. IB students go to almost every BB (JPM/MS/GS/Citi/CS/UBS/Barclays) and BofA/WFS also recruit heavily out of Chapel Hill (largely for CLT) given proximity and alumni network there. There is very little MM/EB reach, though Guggenheim and Jefferies (C&R/A&D groups) recruit out of UNC.

KFBS offers lots of resources geared toward sophomores preparing for IB, but it will likely be harder coming in as a junior. Many banks are starting to open up applications this summer and interviews will probably happen in the late summer/early fall as the semester is kicking off. You may still be able to position yourself well if you're aggressive in networking through June.

Bottom line: UNC KFBS has great recruiting reach for elite and mid-tier BB, though largely geared toward sophomores. With heavy networking effort, you could still pull out a 2021 SA offer if you hit the ground running early this summer.

  • Intern in IB - Ind
May 27, 2020 - 10:00pm

-Bofa sends significantly more UNC kids to NYC vs Charlotte

-Guggenheim doesn't recruit out of UNC

-MM reach is very strong at UNC. Many more go to Blair/Suntrust/HW than they do CS/Barclays/Citi

-The only mid-tier BB that UNC consistently sends kids to is Bofa.

-UNC is an official DB core school

-KFBS goes way beyond IB and Consulting. Literally less than half of all KFBS students go into IB and consulting combined.

  • Intern in IB - Ind
May 27, 2020 - 10:19pm
  • Agree that BofA recruits also for NYC, though split tends toward CLT from what I've seen

  • Not saying that UNC is a Guggenheim target, but UNC kids have gone to Gugg in recent years

  • Will push back here. I failed to mention SunTrust, where you're correct. A small handful go to Blair/HW, though more to CS/Barclays/Citi

  • BofA by far has the strongest UNC reach for mid-tier BB, but kids do go to CS/Barclays/Citi as mentioned above

  • This is very recent and DB will likely hire more out of UNC in the future, hasn't in recent years

  • Of course KFBS extends beyond IB/consulting. These are just two most common paths. About a quarter of students go to consulting, more than a third go to IB/other finance. This can be found on their website

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