Vice President Controller salaries/comp

Just a question about roles in compliance as you become more senior in your career.

I'm working in a back-mid office role now at a boutique and was looking for a jump.

I was thinking maybe front office, but after looking at some numbers online I was starting to think maybe I'm better off just staying where I am position-wise (esp considering it's so difficult)

Anyways, the positions I was hoping to jump into were as a VP of Compliance or VP Controller type job in a couple of years, maybe after an MBA. So I was looking at some figures and I saw that JP Morgan could pay as high as ~300k for these positions and wanted some reassurance that this is real.

I was specifically looking at places in the Midwest (Columbus, Chicago, etc.) and the data is scarce, but these were the ones I saw.

This would be post-MBA anyways.

But I wanted some reassurance.

Thanks guys.

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Feb 13, 2020 - 9:45pm

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