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Was recently offered a SA position with their group in a top market (Think Chi/NYC/Dallas/LA). Wondering if this will be a worthwhile group to work for if CRE finance is my ultimate career goal. How do they stack up against other RE capital market groups such as JLL/CBRE/HFF/Eastdil/Berkadia etc? Ideally want to work with debt/equity teams over IS, but not closed off entirely.

Also, have no other offers atm but a few promising leads, specifically, a strong connection at JLL Capital Markets in Chicago and another as D.C. Neither have begun recruiting for summer 2019 so wondering if it's worth holding out for that if a spot with JLL ultimately became available.

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Jan 3, 2019

If it is in Dallas, that team is solid (moved over from JLL in the second half of last year). Would take a job with them. Their LA folks don't do any IS deals (the debt guys in Newport are solid), and I don't know their Chicago or NYC teams at all but don't think they're very active. If you want to do multifamily the brand name should be helpful regardless of location.

JLL is strong in Chicago across the board given the HQ presence and history there, and their DC teams are hit or miss.

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Jan 3, 2019


Speaking of W&D in dallas. For around 3 months straight they had a production analyst position open. Was that due to high turnover or not finding the right candidate?

Jan 3, 2019

Don't know off hand, my only real interaction with them is that I know that IS team that came over from JLL very well. We don't use their Dallas team for debt (Atlanta squad is the best in the business).

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Jan 3, 2019

Ok, thanks a lot! Helpful info all around +1 SB

Jan 3, 2019