What are my options here to break in? Florida non-target senior, spring internship in analyst role, lower GPA.

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Hey guys just looking for some advice here. I'm from Tampa and would like to either work in New York or a city near the coast in Florida because I want to own a boat at some point. I have a decent resume, Bloomberg trained, 3.2 GPA (low) and I'm starting a spring financial analytics role to get some good experience on the resume. The role involves analyzing and reporting data and expenses for a medical company, so it's not IB related at all. I've already put that role on my resume because a few people have given me the recommendation that I do so even though it's a current (not completed) internship. I'll be graduating at the end of July 2019.

Before you guys say it, yes I should have worked harder on my GPA given that I'm at a non target. Yes, New York finance is infinitely better than Florida. I have family in NY so that is an option to me. What should I be looking to get into company wise to break in? How should I set myself up for success? My goal is to get in an IB role at a local place such as JPM or any other BB bank. Hopefully sometime in the future if I can't get in immediately post undergrad.

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Dec 22, 2018