What do you like most about your current bank/fund? And why did you choose it?

Hi all. I am currently looking at a number of banks for 2018 SA positions. I am a bit of an odd ball, in that while I understand working for bigger banks opens more doors, am looking for a bank/fund that has a great work environment.

I consider myself to have been blessed by getting a position at a small fund that I really like. Management is great, they are phenomenal mentors, realistic in their expectations (most of the time, no one if is perfect), and they have provided a great place for me to grow and contribute more each day. While I can stay with them year round, I know there they are not looking for any FT positions anytime soon, and therefore want to find a bank/fund that is similar to where I work now. Just FYI, I may stay with them through the summer of 2018, but feel that it is in my best interests to land an IBD role.

I am trying to take everything into consideration, and while I don't expect you to name your place of employment, I would like to know why you chose it.

Everyone I speak to tells me one of three things:
A. I chose bank/fund XYZ because it was where I had connections (appreciate the honesty)
B. I chose bank XYZ because it is prestigious and a top player within its industry and market segment
C. The bank/fund I work at is frat as fuck, and as an alpha, I only work with other savages. I am scared that if we hire non-frat stars, our firm will become complacent and beta, and therefore follow in Lehman's footsteps (honestly, feel that, big concern for me as well).

Therefore, those of you with numerous options (for internships or FT), what separated your bank/fund and made it more appealing than the competition?

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