What is a Business Strategy and Operations Manager??

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Happy New Year Monkeys! I have gotten some amazing feedback from these forums over the years, I appreciate y'all. I'm a long-winded SOB and I don't want ppl to think I'm a moron cuse so here's my story:

I graduated from a mid-tier target school in '12, got a decent analyst gig at a boutique mgmt consulting firm, got laid off 2 years later, brief stint in corp finance, then long story short fell into the hospitality industry, learned to cook, and started my own restaurant.

My business has done pretty well all things considered and even attracting some serious investors now but imo restaurant business in NYC atm is prohibitively difficult cuse of min wage, regulation, rent, tax, f*cking Dept of Health etc.. I'm kind of thinking about selling the business and going back to a 9-5 - made too made sacrifices over years and not enough $$ to show for it...

Yesterday I was invited to interview for a "Business Strategy and Operations Manager" at a pretty big FinTech company. I accepted but having been self-employed for the last 4 years the job description just sounds like generic corp-speak to me.

Does any of you monkeys have this title? I would rly appreciate if anyone could walk me through a day-to-day and what this role pertains. I know I sound dumb but I do know quite a bit about running a business, just don't have experience working in a legit corp setting haha

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Jan 3, 2020