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I have 10+ years of experience in finance sphere working with financial analysis, investment, modeling, reporting, budgeting, forecasting etc. Once I've got an idea to create a website which will be a simple and quick tool to perform the financial analysis of your company. Lots of people need to evaluate their business, get the understanding if it is stable, solvent, liquid or profitable enough, but at the same time they need to spend much time for self-learning of financial analysis or to find a financial specialist to do it. Our website could significantly simplify your life in this matter. You don't need financial specialist anymore and can do everything by yourself.

I would like to invite you to use our website finanalys . com to make financial analysis of your company without any additional help.

It's so easy to use our website. Just insert financial data, click submit and get accurate and quick report on financial analysis of your company with detailed explanation and summary.

We respect and save the confidentiality of your data. You can skip entering the name of your company, and financial analysis will be calculated for an anonymous company.

Besides, our website contains examples of financial analysis of the biggest companies of the world (Apple, Facebook, Amazon etc) which were calculated using our site. It's useful for insight what our service could produce. Also, we have blog related to financial topics.

At the moment we are in the process of optimizing the process of entering data and obtaining the results of the financial analysis.

finanalys . com provides a service designed to ease the work of a financial analyst or to perform financial analysis without the help of financial analyst. It's free of charge for any user.

Moreover, our team consists of professionals with a vast experience both in web development and financial sphere. So, if you have any question related to technical or financial aspect of our website, don't hesitate to contact us.

We really appreciate your thought on our website. Is it simple to use? What else should be added? How to improve our website?

Right now we are in the process of developing new tool of WACC calculation. What do you think about such kind of free tool?

Looking forward to your comments! Have a good day!

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Aug 12, 2019