When applying for another job, do you quit current job?

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Should you quit your current job when you really want to actively search and apply for other job?

I am trying to get out of my job asap, but I feel like it takes up pretty much time trying to network and search for opportunities while working.

Very curious as to how other people approach active job searching. Please advise.

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Jul 18, 2018

In most cases you shouldn't quit your current job. By having a job, it is used as leverage when negotiating a salary offer with the new opportunity. Generally if you aren't employed while interviewing, employers might tend to lowball you on salary, assuming you will accept a lower-than-expected offer in exchange for employment.

But of course, it depends on your professional background and how badly a company wants to pay for someone with your skillset. Most people in positions that require under 10 years of experience are pretty expendable, so usually not much wiggle room on compensation unless it's a more unique opportunity.

Jul 18, 2018

Thank you for your comment. Salary is not a problem to me because I only have 0-1 year experience, so my salary can't get lower than what I am offered right now. Other than the salary, would it look bad to recruiters if I only have 0-1 year experience on my first job?

Jul 19, 2018

Well, you generally want to secure a new position before leaving your current position. You can use any PTO or sick days on days you have interviews scheduled. Schedule interviews during your lunch break or use any excuse to free up however much time you need.

Or if you just want to leave the job, you still want to be professional about it and put in your two weeks if you can.

Not sure if there is anything else you can do about it.

Jul 19, 2018

Nope, you got to have another valid offer in your hand if you want to leave your current role so search a new job while working because one of my friend left his job after 3 months without surety of another job stuck for 6 months in search of new role so don't do it.
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Jul 19, 2018