Financial Data

Various sources of data for financial analysts

    Where Do Financial Analysts Gather Data From?

    The primary source of data for financial analysis usually comes from public sources, such as regulatory filings or press releases. However, there are a lot of private data providers, such as Bloomberg and CapIQ, who aggregate and process financial data from both public and private sources.

    It can be intimidating at first to figure out where to collect data for your financial analysis. WSO has created a library that helps you understand each source of data and its various uses.

    Public Company Filings

    One of the most important and reliable sources of data, public company filings include various forms and regulatory filings that a company is required to submit. These are available to the public and can be accessed from either the respective government portals or the investor relation section on the company's website. Knowing where to find them and how to interpret them is critical for financial analysts.

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