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Author: Rohan Arora
Rohan Arora
Rohan Arora
Investment Banking | Private Equity

Mr. Arora is an experienced private equity investment professional, with experience working across multiple markets. Rohan has a focus in particular on consumer and business services transactions and operational growth. Rohan has also worked at Evercore, where he also spent time in private equity advisory.

Rohan holds a BA (Hons., Scholar) in Economics and Management from Oxford University.

Reviewed By: Patrick Curtis
Patrick Curtis
Patrick Curtis
Private Equity | Investment Banking

Prior to becoming our CEO & Founder at Wall Street Oasis, Patrick spent three years as a Private Equity Associate for Tailwind Capital in New York and two years as an Investment Banking Analyst at Rothschild.

Patrick has an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from The Wharton School and a BA in Economics from Williams College.

Last Updated:June 11, 2023

Where to find public company filings and reports?

One of the most important and reliable sources of data, public company filings include various forms and regulatory filings that a company is required to submit. These are available to the public and can be accessed from either the respective government portals or the investor relation section on the company's website.

Knowing where to find them and how to interpret them is critical for financial analysts. This section of WSO's financial data library outlines the most common sources of public filings.