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With direct lending becoming an increasingly popular field, I was curious if anyone had any insight into what typical comp looked like on the junior level. My understanding is that it’s slightly lower than PE and carries a lower base but higher bonus (at least as a proportion of total comp) to banking but would really appreciate some harder data points given the lack of information out there.

3 comments 18 Feb 2019 - Sunman45

Does anyone have numbers on current base / bonus rates for HF analysts out of IB programs (1-2 years out of college)?

Since HF pay is less uniform than banking / PE gigs, it'd be useful to collect some data points.

Given the variability in HF pay, it would be great if you could include AUM / fund size as well as a description of the fund if possible (single vs multi manager, long vs long/short, etc) so we can get a sense of what the current figures are like across the board.

6 comments 11 Oct 2018 - zm1991

Let's talk about the 2015 - 2016 year bonus. Please list the firm, level, salary, bonus using the following format:

JPM, S&T, A0, 150k base, 175k bonus (75% cash, 25% stock)

investment banking pay 2016

Feb 1st update: Here is a compilation of the salary & bonus #'s thus far (pulled from comments).

177 comments 06 Sep 2018 - bbcareerdreams

I am the founder and CEO of The Harrison Rush Group a search firm focused on IB. I have found that if an experienced candidate moves mid year they should always ask for a guaranteed bonus or ranking. Moving without that puts candidates at risk to not being paid a good bonus since they don’t have the relationships yet.

1 comment 22 Aug 2018 - tomrags4

Hi all,

I am an analyst in a BB IB who has just accepted a Buy-side role and want to hear your opinions regarding logistics. My specific doubts are:
(1) Is it ok to announce my resignation after the bonus number is announced but before it hits my account? Given that it is a BB, I am thinking that once the number has been cleared with HR, Group Head, etc. and has been communicated to me, they would not modify it following my resignation;
(2) Should I offer to continue "working" for a 1/2 weeks? (Perhaps better to let them decide?)

6 comments 27 Jul 2018 - essepa

Hey everyone, long-time lurker/poster but recently made a new account.

My dilemma is as follows: got an offer to be an analyst for an infrastructure investment firm, the day I went to sign the contract they said they'd need me to help the advisory team too (they do advisory, direct investments, and asset management), and I said okay. Although I was unhappy about I tried to look on the bright side since I'd be getting a more varied transaction experience.

10 comments 10 Jul 2018 - SLC

What’s the main difference between the two cities?
In terms of deals, size of teams, opportunites,
And finally, what is the salary difference?

Are bankers in Montreal paid much less than bankers in Toronto, or is it comparable and sometimes insignificant?
You can also add the compensation by level if you are aware of the numbers.

1 comment 04 May 2018 - wallstreet1997

Anyone aware of REAL salaries in Toronto?
what is the compensation for every level? I'm inclined to think somewhere around these numbers:
Analyst (1-3 years): min- 130k & max-185k
Associate : min- 220k & max- 320k
VP: min- 400k & max- 650k
Director: min-650k & max- 1M
MD: min- 1M & max- 3M

What do you think? Feel free to add as much as information as possible and include the numbers you think are correct.

2 comments 04 Apr 2018 - wallstreet1997

I'll be working FT as an analyst at a top MM IB this summer, and was promised a $10k signing bonus. Thing is, it's April already and no word on when the bonus is going to be dispersed....I interned at a BB last year and by March this time already had my bonus in my bank account. Does anyone have any insight into this? Have other BBs and top MMs already given out signing bonuses?

11 comments 02 Apr 2018 - lailadelana

Could anyone give me figures about their overall compensation starting from Associate, VP and going up to MD in Toronto?
At BIG 5, Bulge brackets, and Boutiques to compare them all

I'm guessing VP's go at about 450k to 650k , Directors 650k-1M, MD's 1-5 Million (Do you think one could attain anywhere between 3 and 5M ?)

And do you think Goldman Sachs pay the same across border? And more then the Canadian 5?

1 comment 25 Feb 2018 - wallstreet1997