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I have a question regarding to the traveling perks that consultants get to have when they are on project on client sites. Specifically I am wondering about IT consulting industry.

If say you are from City A and you are flied to City B for project on weekdays, on weekend can you be flied to City C for the weekend provided that the cost of the flight is the same or lower and you figure out your own place to stay?

Reason why I am asking is cause I am applying for position that is not in my home city and I am wondering if I can go home maybe once in a while for a weekend.

Thanks for sharing your experience!

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    Western wrote:
    What happens if you choose to stay in the client's city over the weekend? Would you instead be able to expense the cost of the flight in the form of a hotel stay from Fri-Sun + meals?

    Most consulting firms will let you do this. However, flying out on weekends is wiser, since you rack up air miles points and can later use that to get free flights on vacations.