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When applying for a job do most companies request a copy of your transcript? Do companies verify all aspects of your resume?

For example, I put down that I majored in Economics on the resume, yet I majored in Social Science with a concentration in Economics. My degree reads Bachelor of Arts in Social Science, but my transcript reads concentration in Economics.

Should I have just said that I majored in SS?

So what is it on a resume that companies verify cocerning school? Thanks.

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  • Rai99's picture

    Do comapanies really care about your major? I mean I have met guys who work for some big firm and they majored in stuff like government, IR and history. Granted these were guys who graduated from top 20 schools, but does the major really count that much in the hiring process?

  • jaclee317's picture

    I know so many people at my school who say "Emphasis in Finance and Accounting" (that's the concentration for 99% of the students), but they haven't even taken any finance/accounting electives yet. Sure, they probably plan to, but still. I guess if they know their technicals, it doesn't even matter.

  • pineapple's picture

    if your transcript doesn't say that you are an econ MAJOR then it's a lie. you can have an emphasis in anything you want but they can easily find out what you are majoring in by asking you for a copy of your transcript.