Hey guys,

I'm been on hold for almost a month now at a low tier BB. Sent two follows up to HR and 1 to my interviewer. No response from HR but interviewer responded and told me he was looking into it almost two weeks ago. Should I follow up again and be more persistent or basically give up?

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Yeah, but also look into other options at boutiques as well. Bad market at BB's now. Worth following up though

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Would it be looked at being too desperate if I do?

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Would it be looked at being too desperate if I do?

Not at all if you word it right. If you didn't send an email you'd be considered under motivated in my opinion

You are on the waitlist and they keep interviewing or they extended an offer and are waiting for that person to accept or reject their offer.
Something similar happened with UBS when I interviewed with them.
Had an interview, nothing after two weeks. I called and the lady told me to wait another week. I emailed after two weeks and she told me they were still interviewing and that she promises to get back to me as soon as they are done.
almost 3 months have passed since then and nothing from her :)

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any recs on how I can word it not to seem desperate?


would it be okay to call one of my interviewers that i followed up with?


don't understand what kind of magical answers you are looking for. you're on hold meaning they are going to wait for the 'yes' people to accept or reject which often takes a while, as late as march-april for some of the targets that are protected by OCR. high chance that you won't hear until then (may not hear back at all), equally high chance that it'll be a no - usually if its not a yes within a few days, it's a no.


I'm not really looking for a magical yes but ways I can move myself up on the hold list when a spot does open up. Just wanted to see if anyone got positive feedback after being persistent. Also, I don't want to come off as desperate at the same time.

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