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Year Position Location Group/Division Overall
2018 2nd Year Analyst Greenwich Research - good work life balance
- great culture, smart…
- large firm so can move slowly at times
- size of…
2019 2nd Year Associate Greenwich Asset Management Incredibly friendly and academic culture. Very… It’s in Connecticut.

Senior people can be…
2019 Intern Greenwich Generalist Great comp. Large learning curve considering my background… A large learning curve, but to be expected with a job like…
2019 Summer Associate Intern Greenwich Portfolio Management -great work/life balance
-easy access to mentors…
-difficult work
-lack of diversity
2019 Summer Associate Intern Greenwich Quantitative Research Good company, great benefit, people are openminded and are… it takes two hours each day on the commute from NYC to…
2019 1st Year Analyst Greenwich Quantitative Research Everyone is very open about what they are working on which… There is a large corporate structure that gets in the way…
2019 1st Year Analyst Greenwich N/A great benefits and a great collaborative culture. you… the commute can be not ideal if you live in Manhattan. It…
2019 Intern Greenwich Engineering Full of smart people who buy in. Interns are well paid.… Located in Greenwich. Commute isn't bad, but it would…
2019 1st Year Associate Greenwich, CT, USA Equity Capital Markets I am really happy at AQR! Really great firm with a… In the past few years, it grow at an unsustainable rate and…
2018 3rd+ Year Associate Greenwich N/A Great brand name in the industry, excellent benefit (5%… Lack of growth opportunities in back office, high pressure…
2018 Intern Greenwich Quantitative Research Very academic culture. Quant researchers publish work… Don't really use machine learning techniques if that…
2018 Intern Greenwich Quantitative Research Very transparent company with very, very sharp minds.… Office is a bit far from the city (it's in Greenwich,…
2017 Engineer Greenwich, NY, USA Hedge Fund
- Low hours for finance.
- Office/Greenwich…
- Mediocre pay
- Mediocre talent for engineering…
2018 1st Year Analyst Greenwich Quantitative Research Very good health plan, great compensation, very smart… Greenwhich location can be a problem for people living in…
2018 1st Year Associate Greenwich Equity Research Great brand name. I am surrounded by very smart people. The… The hours are brutal. Often people are not very nice.…
2018 2nd Year Associate Greenwich Equity Capital Markets Happy about the pay and benefits. Colleagues are good and… Nothing specifically. Some people believe that the bonus is…
2018 1st Year Analyst Greenwich Quantitative Research Name brand, track record, friendly atmosphere, free food… Technology is outdated, pay is below industry standard,…
2018 Summer Associate Intern Greenwich Trading Great company, culture, and surroundings. I really liked… - Hours could be tough
- Work was very difficult (…
2018 Intern Greenwich Engineering - Good environment
- Challenging work
- Good…
- Location is not so great, commute is 30 minutes minimum…
2018 2nd Year Associate Greenwich Operations Exposure, Free Lunch, Free Breakfast, relaxed atmosphere.… Free Lunch, Brilliant coworkers, people seem to care about…
2017 1st Year Analyst New York Investment Research large firm, academic approach, nice people, successful,… so large that i don't know many other fellow employees…
2017 2nd Year Associate Greenwich Macro Smart people; interesting projects; laid-back culture; high… Exponential growth in the last few years has led to some…
2015 1st Year Analyst Greenwich Energy excellent benefits, intelligent people working there, lots… management declines to listen to junior employees. very…
2015 Intern Greenwich Other very academic culture, intelligent and well known finance… don't listen to suggestions of people below senior…


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