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1. Summer Internship Interview

Process Description

After applying online in November, process began with 20-minute call from insourced HR in January. This was followed by an in-person 30 minute interview in their London offices. Currently about to participate at the assessment center, which is the final round of the process.

Berenberg Bank Interview Question Example:

Questions until now haven't been out of the blue, however, be prepared to answer typical brain teasers (eg.

2. Graduate Programme Interview

Process Description

The first stages of the interview process were organized and executed by a recruitment agency. I had to complete two phone interviews with this agency, of which the first one was rather CV-based / motivational and the second one rather technical (stock pitch, a lot of questions about macroeconomic topics). After around 2 weeks, I was invited for the last one of 4 assessment centres at Berenberg's headquarters in London. The assessment centre included two one-on-one interviews (one with HR as well as a senior management representative, was rather motivational in nature; the other one with a global head, was rather technical in nature, questions about macroeconomic topics and company valuation). After that, we had to hold individual presentations in front of a committee consisting of Berenberg staff from different levels as well as of two of the other applicants. The topics (current macroeconomic / political / financial services industry-specific topics) were given to the applicants in the morning and the applicants had time to do internet research and prepare the presentations in between the interviews. In the last stage of the assessment centre, the applicants were divided into groups of 5-6 and had to solve a non-finance-related problem (during which they were observed by a committee of Berenberg staff) and present the solution to the committee. In general, the atmosphere was rather casual; the interviewers were very friendly and did not try to "screw you up".

Example of Interview Question at Berenberg Bank:

(Based on previous work experience in CV): How would you value the companies in which you have interned so far?

3. Graduate Programme Interview

Process Description

Arranged a time for a phone interview focusing on personality and motivations. Short interview as a first round focusing on CV and motivations and interest for the financial services industry and banking in particular.

Berenberg Bank Interview Question Example:

Very straight forward with no rights or wrongs. Focusing on personality and my motivations for the bank and positions withing the divisions being part of the grad programme.

4. Equity Research Summer Internship Interview

Process Description

First interview was relaxed and about my CV and experience. Was invited back meet other members of the team, this turned out to be a full-blown technical interview with brain teasers etc

Sample Interview Question at Berenberg Bank:

What is the square root of 7000?

5. Equity Research Summer Intern Interview

Process Description

Initial phone screen with Dartmouth Partners, followed up by a face to face interview at Dartmouth's office in london. Interview was, give or take, an hour long, with one of dartmouth's associates. Was asked to do a stock pitch, asked about academic choices (i.e. why your uni, why this course etc.), as well as views on the current macro situation. All of this interspersed with general competency and motivational interview questions

Berenberg Bank Interviews:

Stock pitch follow-up questions were quite in-depth, but interviewer's lack of technical knowledge was kind of obvious. Otherwise no particularly unexpected questions.

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Yearsort ascending Status Position City Group / Division / Type Overall Experience Difficulty
2017 Summer Internship London Investment Banking Positive Difficult
2016 Intern Equity Research Summer Internship London Equity Research Negative Difficult
2014 1st Year Analyst Graduate Programme London Other Positive Very Easy
2014 Graduate Programme London Equity Research Very Positive Average
2014 Intern Equity Research Summer Intern London N/A Neutral Average