New York New York
United States
Year of Interview: 
Month of Interview: 

2nd Year Associate

  • Group/Division/Type: 
    Corporate Finance
  • Outcome of Interview: 
    Accepted Offer
  • How did you get the interview?: 
    College / University / On Campus Recruiting
  • Overall, how would you describe your interview experience?: 
  • How long did the interview process last?: 
    Less than 1 month
  • Overall, how difficult was the interview?: 
  • What did the interview consist of?: 
    1 on 1 Interview
  • Please describe the interview / hiring process.: 
    1st round was on campus - the interviewer wanted me to lead the 30 allotted minutes (mainly to demonstrate interest for the role and fit) so I just talked about the company since I interned there (in a different part within a business) just 3 months prior to this interview, and bonded with her (she was a lawyer like my wife, she worked in tax and I had just wrote a paper on Apple's tax loophole/ghost subsidiaries, and she liked football and played fantasy football) and 30 minutes flew by. 2nd round aka Superday was on-site at Long Island City (Queens, NY). Candidates sat in the lobby and were scheduled for 3 30 minute interviews with MDs (mainly testing our leadership potential and passion for the industry/company). 75% of the questions revolved around leadership quality questions, while the other questions were to talk about the industry and company (Have you read our 10k? - tell me about). 1 high-level case question came up, but (surprisingly) not much on technicals in my specific interviews.
  • What were the most difficult or unexpected interview questions asked?
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  • How did you answer each of these questions (please be specific)?
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