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The Greenwich Group International ("Greenwich") is a unique real estate investment bank whose core business has expanded dramatically in recent years from one primarily built around investment sales to a business focused on recapitalizations, platform financings, joint ventures and development funding. While Greenwich remains active in outright sales, the firm's special expertise is in providing financial solutions to these funding and capitalization areas, which require special expertise and experience, not cookie-cutter solutions. Since its founding in 1995, Greenwich has completed more than $30 billion in capital transactions. Every assignment is led by a partner in the firm dedicated to providing his clients with the best capital solution that exists for their needs from the worldwide capital marketplace.

The disarray in real estate capital markets, which accelerated in mid-2008, has made Greenwich's core competencies even more valuable to clients seeking solutions to capitalization problems in a market where the plentiful liquidity of the pre-2008 real estate capital markets is no longer available. Seeking creative solutions for its clients in need of capital has never been more important than it is today.

The vision in forming Greenwich was to create a small but powerful real estate investment bank with unsurpassed access to international flows of capital and a particular strength in maximizing owner value in complex real estate situations. To this end, we established offices in London, Frankfurt and Singapore in addition to several U.S. cities. The Greenwich-Asia operation, under the direction of Jeff Tay, evolved into Pacific Star in the year 2000. Pacific Star is a Singapore-based leading provider of real estate investment management services in the Asia Pacific region.

In 2002, Greenwich partners helped found Terra Capital Partners, a real estate investment management company; in 2004 they formed Capital District Properties, a development company focusing on the construction of luxury, multi-family developments in the Albany, New York area, a high technology employment hotbed.


805 Third Avenue 8th Floor, 10022 NY
United States
1700 North Moore Street Suite 1805, 22209 VA
United States
76950 Comanche Lane, 92210 CA
United States

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1st Year Analyst
Year 2018
Job Title 1st Year Analyst
Group/Division Debt Capital Markets
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