1st Year Associate
at McKinsey and Co

Group/Division/Type: Generalist

City: Atlanta, United States

Interviewed: August 2018

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No Offer

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Applied Online

Length of Process

Less than 1 month

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1 on 1 Interview

Please describe the interview / hiring process.

I am from one of the target school in the south and applied via APD in Early July. I got the interview invitation at end of the July and attended their coach session in Atlanta office, It was really helpful. My interviews started as leadership experience related questions and how I handle the conflicts in a team. The cases that I got are different. The first case is typicalimproving profitability type of case and the math, personally, is not that hard. The second is related to certain industry that I have the least knowledge about. I definitely messed up by not structuring my ideas. Let's wait and see the results

What were the most difficult or unexpected interview questions asked?

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