FRP Analyst Intern

at Microsoft

Group/Division/Type: Corporate Finance

City: Redmond, United States

Interviewed: 2015

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General Interview Information


No Offer

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Length of Process

2-3 months

Interview Details

What did the interview consist of?

Phone Interview1 on 1 Interview

Please describe the interview / hiring process.

Emailed recruiter about possible interviews and workshops for the FRP, but didn't hear back. Networked with school alums who had been/were in the FRP and had my resume forwarded. I then heard back from the recruiter and attended a informational workshop about the FRP earlier in the summer. Was contacted for a phone screen with HR - pretty standard behavioral questions. Make sure you have a story for why corporate finance and why Microsoft. I heard back within two weeks that I had got on-site super day interviews. I was then flown out, picked up by a driver, put up in a hotel, and given a meal stipend. As a side note, from everybody I've talked to, Microsoft treats its employees extremely well. There were four on-site interviews. Each one was supposed to have a specific behavioral theme with one being more technically oriented. The technical interview was not hard. If you have done any sort of preparation for i-banking, it should be a breeze. One of the questions I was asked was to choose one BU to divest from, Bing or Xbox and why. I talked to another candidate and he was asked how many cups of coffee are consumed each day in the U.S. The interviews were very conversational and questions were focused around team dynamics and how you handled various team-driven situations. Remember Microsoft is an engineering and sales-team driven organization, so collaboration is important since you are essentially in a support role as a finance member. The very last interview was with a director-level finance employee. If I had to guess, this person was the bar raiser. The biggest mistake I made was not closing this interview. Make sure you have a good reason on why Microsoft and what special-somethings you can bring to Microsoft. Have this pitch ready. Try to keep it as genuine as possible. I've heard from alums that the recruiting process can be a black box at Microsoft. My experience with this was pretty solid as they got back to candidates very quickly. I found out the next day I was dinged. This whole process from informational session to rejection took two months (July - September 2015).

What were the most difficult or unexpected interview questions asked?

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