Webinar: "Mid Market PE & M&A in Toronto/Canada" -- 6pm ET, 3/9/15

Wall Street Mentor Kyle will be hosting a webinar entitled "Mid Market PE & M&A in Toronto/Canada", with a q&a session to follow.

WSO mentor Kyle is an industry veteran with experience in middle market Private Equity in Toronto.

CLICK HERE to access it Monday night, 6pm ET.

If you missed the webinar it will be available on the homepage for 24 hours (2-3 weeks after the initial presentation)

What he'll cover:

Interested in one-on-one personalized help from a WSO Mentor?


Below is a list of some of the webinars we currently have in the WSO Video Libary...this is in addition to actual mock interviews and Q&As videos from some of our top mentors... with more on the way every week!

  • Transitioning from Investment Banking to Private Equity
  • Banking Fit Interviews
  • Banking Technical Interviews
  • 3 Secrets to Breaking into S&T
  • PE Recruiting & Transition to PE Webinar
  • Mastering Online Applications
  • Leveraged Loans Market
  • WSO LinkedIn Networking Cold Emailing Tactics 5/15/14
  • Growth Equity Investing Webinar
  • Mastering the Sales & Trading Interview
  • Transitioning from a non-investments role in a bank into a hedge fund of funds role 6/2/14
  • Equity Research Interview Tips + Q&A 6/4/14
  • PE recruiting process 6/18/14
  • Recruiting strategies for international students/professionals and H1B visas 6/17
  • Lessons from My Path: Consulting to MM Private Equity 6/19
  • Recruiting strategies for international students/professionals and H1B visas (from his personal experience) - July
  • Lessons from My Path: Consulting to MM Private Equity - July
  • How the PE investment process works and how to make a PE investment case - July
  • Fixed Income Sales and Trading - Products and Markets - July
  • Alternatives to Alternatives - July
  • Getting the VC Job - July
  • PE Success Story from a Low GPA, Non-Target Engineering Major - Mid July
  • Topic: Dear I-BANKERS: Forget PE, START A COMPANY / Banking is your training ground to start a company Late July
  • Networking from a non-target and the tips / tactics I used to break into a BB IB - August
  • Week in the Life of an Investment Director at a Growth Equity PE Firm - August
  • Stock Pitch Preparation for a hedge fund interview - August
  • Sources of Value Creation in Private Equity." - August
  • BD vs. RIA: Life inside a Fee Only Wealth Management Firm - August
  • Building A Resilient Career - August
  • Powerful Presentations" PowerPoint skills relevant to both consulting & banking - August
  • IB – Corp Dev. - September
  • PWM/PB vs. IBD primarily - September
  • Getting into BB Equity Research with a non finance degree via relocating to an emerging market and extensive networking - September
  • Asia and Asian Markets, and making the move out here - September
  • Stock Pitching in the context of a global markets interview - September
  • Breaking in / Working in S&T - September
  • Starting your own PE firm: structuring deals and building a business as an independent sponsor – September
  • Make Your Case: How to Ace consulting interviews
  • A Look Across Industries - IB, S&T, AM or MBA vs. CFA?...which is right for you?
  • Paths to a Hedge Fund Job
  • How to be successful at fundraising for your start-up
  • IPO's: How they are sold, how they are valued and why they usually go up
  • Fund Accounting Analyst: A week in the life
  • Best Practices for Technical Interviews transaction advisory
  • Unknown Territory: Wealth Management. How to raise capital from UHNWI (Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals)
  • Commercial/Corporate Banking vs. IBD
  • Working for a middle market investment bank
  • PWM/PB Interview Process and Moving Up
  • How to speak about your IB deals in a PE interview setting
  • Essential Networking & Interview Strategies That Will Land You That Offer
  • How to decide between whether IB or S&T is right for you
  • Week in the life of a Macro Hedge Fund PM
  • Week in the Life of a Private Equity Analyst
  • My Experience as an Analyst at Goldman Sachs
  • Networking in Europe
  • Non-Target School to BB IB
  • Career switching - going from engineering to banking - my story
  • Technical Interview Prep
  • Public Pension Funds Overview and How They Invest in Traditional and Alternative Assets
  • Making the Decision to Become an Entrepreneur vs. Staying in Finance
  • Recruiting for IB in Germany
  • MBA and your IB / PE Career
  • IB in India: Recruiting, lateraling, networking, and foreigners working in India
  • Fund Due Diligence
  • Recruiting into a growth equity fund from a background in merchant banking and equity research + the current investing environment within growth equity

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