WSO San Francisco Meetup, Sat March 10th, 530pm, Novela

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WSO SF Meet up on Sat March 10th, 530pm - 730pm.

Novela. 662 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94105

-Ask the host/hostess and they will lead you to our table(s)
-We'll have a WSO logo flyer on the table as well

Join the SF whatsapp group here:

More info on WSO meet ups (From NYC social chair @In The Flesh):


662 Mission St.
94105 San Francisco , CA
United States
37° 47' 21.2208" N, 122° 23' 44.52" W
California US
Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 5:30pm
Event type: 
WSO Meetup

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Mar 10, 2018

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