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    What Not to Do Part #2: Don't Mess With the Support Staff

    This one is pretty simple. Operations handles a lot of the back-end work for you, so getting on their good side is in your best interest. Similarly, during the recruiting process if you get in good with human resources they can make your life very comfortable. However, for both departments, doing the opposite can have devastating effects. If you are a college student, please, please, please, please don't be rude to HR, much less pushy and demanding. Is it okay to let them know about your limitations on travel times? Yes. If you get put up in a 1-star hotel, should you say something? Yes. Should you demand to be put up at the Four Seasons for all else is beneath you? Eh, that probably won't go over so well. In fact, we know it won't go over well.

    So, there's probably a couple of things we can take away from this. First, don't be a dick to HR. They're already working their asses off, pouring through thousands of applications. They may screw up here and there, but you're trying to get a job, suck it up unless they've truly made an error (not getting booked at the Four Seasons most definitely does not count). The second thing you have to take away from this is, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER lie about having an offer, or about anything for that matter, on your resume (if you're worried about this, check out the FAQs Getting A Job section for some direction). Sometimes you will have to fudge the facts a bit, but you should never tell them an outright, and easily double-checked, lie. The last thing we feel the need to mention: work on your social skills. If any of the things mentioned to this point sounded like a good idea, it's time to take a class in ethics.

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