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    What Not to Do Part #1: Models & Bottles

    Here we have a young man who is greatly enjoying his time working for an investment bank. He's got a Porsche, goes to hot clubs, hangs with some (kinda, I guess) hot models, and doesn't mind blowing a bunch of cash. Is there a problem with that? Not at all. Should someone broadcast their extravagant lifestyle choices on television for the world to see when you haven't made Managing Director/Partner? Probably not. Should you do this while the financial sector is going through one of the worst periods in history? (Exercise 1: Insert best possible guess here.)

    As you can see from those threads, not only is the "models and bottles" lifestyle not really applicable to analysts (or even many associates, for that matter), you're going to look like an asshat to most of your coworkers. On top of that, flaunting your "success" could get your ass kicked to the curb. Your firm has an image to uphold, so do your job and don't tarnish it's reputation.

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