There are a number of ways to get finance experience as a freshman or sophomore in college. While it is definitely more difficult to get an official summer internship at an investment bank, for example, it is still very possible to get some sort of internship. Many of the BBs offer IB boot camp programs for underclassmen and there are also a number of diversity-focused programs.

One of the most common ways to gain some finance experience is by looking for an unpaid internship in your hometown with a financial planner or private wealth manager. Many internships at the freshman stage of college are going to be unpaid and even at the sophomore level few will be paid for their work. As always, the best way to secure an internship is by networking, whether by cold-calling and cold-emailing or by taking part in case competitions or investment banking conferences.

Keep in mind that your junior internship is the most important. As a sophomore you should be more serious about getting an internship, but having an internship in finance isn't absolutely necessary. Working for the summer as an intern for a political party, candidate or representative or a nonprofit of some sort can provide you with a great experience and story to tell during you junior year interviews. As a freshman your time may be better spent working a part-time job for some extra cash and networking (read: having fun) with your former high school classmates, but if you want to get ahead of the game you should go for it!

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