Wall Street Oasis will cost you $0 and 0 bananas to join. WSO started as a community and we will continue to offer access to our forums and the wealth of information they contain to all site visitors free of charge. We've also added a couple of other free features including our Company Database which includes thousands of company reviews, interview insights and compensation data points across thousands of financial firms. Here are the links to these resources:

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    • The Finance Dictionary includes a large number of terms that will be sure to help you through the interview process.

Starting with "A Look Behind the Wall", Wall Street Oasis began offering a number of professional guides and services to those users looking for a more personalized experience. These currently include:

We hope you take the opportunity to post questions and share information on our message boards. Our forums are a great source of information on a variety of topics. We also strongly urge you to check out our Guides and Services. They provide a more concise, organized, and professional look into the world of Wall Street!

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