What are "Banana Points" and how are users ranked?

Every time you contribute to WallStreetOasis.com you get bananas! The more bananas you collect, the higher your ranking in the community. The more helpful your posts the more silver bananas you will likely collect which will help you race up the ranks quickly. The left chart shows you the number of bananas you get for each activity, and the right shows you the ranking you get for your banana count. :

post comment1
post topic2
post weblink5
post resume10
invite a friend5 WSO Credits
invite a friend
who registers
10 WSO Credits
create a group10
0 - 15Chimp
16 - 29Senior Chimp
30 - 65Monkey
66 - 99Senior Monkey
100 - 174Baboon
175 - 249Senior Baboon
250 - 374Orangutan
375 - 499Senior Orangutan
500 - 749Gorilla
750 - 999Senior Gorilla
1,000 - 1,999King Kong
2,000 - 3,999Neanderthal
4,000 - 5,999Senior Neanderthal
6,000 - 9,999Almost Human
10,000 - 19,999Human
20,000 - 49,999The Pro
50,000+The Addict

* Note: You can also gain or lose Banana Points any time a user with WSO Credits awards you Silver Bananas (+3 Bananas) or throws Monkey Shit at you (-1 Banana). Good luck!

Read the criteria on how to become a Certified User.