What are the options in the "Account" section?

The "Account" section under the "Edit" tab in your user profile allows you to decide how you interact with WallStreetOasis.com, from your email address and time zone to receiving notifications. To get to the Account section, click your username in the top right hand corner of the website. Now click the "Edit" tab, and you will see this automatically opens the Account section. Please keep in mind our User Guidelines, particularly when uploading your profile avatar and adding a signature.

IMPORTANT: You MUST click the "Save" button at the bottom of the "Edit" section for the changes you've made to take effect.

  • Account Information
    • E-mail Address: Change your email address for notifications and administrator contact
    • Password: Change your password (Note you must re-enter your password in the "Confirm Password" box below)
  • Signature Settings
    • Signature: You may use this field to create a signature which is displayed at the bottom of every post
    • Input Format: This option, below the "Signature" box, allows you to customize your signature even more by changing the input settings
  • Picture
    • Delete Picture: Check this box to delete the picture that accompanies your posts
    • Upload Picture: Click "Choose File" and select the picture you would like to use as your profile picture. Please note that you may see your old picture even after uploading your new one. To fix this, either refresh the page or clear your browsing data
  • Comment Follow-Up Notification Settings
    • Receive Node Follow-Up Notification E-mails: Check this box to receive email notifications when additional replies have been posted to a topic / blog post you've created. You cannot disable this for individual posts
    • Receive Comment Follow-Up Notification E-mails: Check this box to receive email notifications when additional replies have been posted to a topic / blog you've commented on. You may disable this for individual comments
  • Messaging and Notification Settings
    • Default Send Method: The default notification method is Mime Mail, this cannot be changed
    • Default Send Interval: Choose what intervals you'd like to receive your notifications at (ie- immediately, every 2 hours, etc)
    • Autosubscribe: Automatically subscribes you to any thread you create or comment on
  • Contact Settings
    • Personal Contact Form: This allows other users to contact you via email without showing them your email address. Keep in mind that if you send another user a message using the contact form your email address will be visible to them
  • E-mail Settings
    • Plaintext E-mail Only: Select this option if you do not want to receive emails with graphics and styles, only plain black and white
  • Locale Settings
    • Default Time Zone: Select the time zone you would like displayed throughout the site
  • Privatemsg E-mail Notification
    • Receive e-mail notifications for private messages
    • There is also a section here to turn off certain types of private messages here as well as My Feed e-mail notifications.
  • Terms & Conditions of Use
    • Accept Terms & Conditions of Use: When you signed up for an account with WSO you checked a box that said you accept our terms and conditions for the use of this site. You cannot uncheck this box

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