Mecha Infinity: The Most Anticipated Blockchain Game In The Second Half Of 2022

Mecha Infinity is an open digital universe for Mechas. While focusing on improving playability, the core team also considers the game experience of various types of players. In Mecha Infinity, earnings from daily adventures and PvP battles are independent, so that all kinds of players can freely enjoy the tactical battles without worrying about the reduction of earnings.

PvE Adventure
It is a form of sustainable daily mining for leisure-oriented players and remains the only way to obtain functional props. Players will gain experience and level up as they progress through the adventures, and unlock more difficult combats. At the same time, they'll also obtain stable daily earnings. Potential drops of rare functional props will significantly enhance the game experience and unexpected gains for players.

PvP Battles
It's a way for PvP players to quickly obtain daily gains. This battle mode is not point-based, and the players who prefer tactic battles can enjoy the fun and quickly obtain daily gains, releasing more energy points for the PvE adventures.

Ranked Match
Monthly PvP tournament is the only way for players to win governance tokens in the game. In this point-based system, players can improve their ranking on the leaderboard by securing more points during random battles with other players in the same rank. And the exponential reward is the goal that every player strives for. Higher quality of Mecha and greater tactical battle capability will be the key to improving your rankings. Players who rank high will get a special badge in the future, which will be the highest glory for the best warrior.

Mecha Creation
Mechas can be created through certain rules in the game world. In order to avoid excessive expansion of Mecha quantity, the number of times for creation is limited.
Mecha creation requires governance tokens and energy fuels, with the actual costs depending on the frequency of creations. But players can only create Mechas with ordinary quality. Temporary cost adjustment may also occur based on a variety of economic factors in the marketplace.

Mecha has its own quality level, which can be identified by the color of Mecha ID. The quality of Mecha can be improved through continuous evolution. There will also be a burning mechanism in the evolution system, where the materials involved in the evolution, except the Mecha to be upgraded, will be transferred to the black hole protocol for burning. And the evolution result is subject to the success rate. For PvP players seeking the ultimate strength, it is recommended to prioritize the evolution for Mecha of better genes.

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