What is Aleph Zero (AZERO)?


Aleph Zero (AZERO) is a blockchain that enhances the privacy of the Public Proof of Stake (PoS) and instantly brings out the finality. The current structure of Aleph Zero is a combination of the original Aleph BFT peer-reviewed consensus protocol and a conforming board stack. To provide enterprises and developers with a further approach to private smart contracts, the project will develop a data protection framework based on zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) and secure multi-party computation (sMPC). Trade Azero with MEXC Global.

Core Features


Aleph Zero's peer-reviewed consensus protocol (AlephBFT) was tested in a decentralized test environment using 112 AWS nodes spread across five continents, and it reached 89,600 tx/s with a 416 ms confirmation time. A simple transaction simulation test has been completed. It is still unknown how Aleph Zero will operate in the real world, particularly when there is a high network load.


Aleph Zero will be the first decentralized DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) -based platform with a large (100+ node) committee that rotates every 15 minutes from a set selected every 24 hours. I am aiming for that.

3.Private Smart Contracts

Liminal, Aleph Zero's original data protection framework currently under development, is not only based on zero-knowledge proofs, but also leverages the concept of secure multi-party computation. In addition, the framework is purely software-based, so Aleph Zero is independent of external providers.

4.Near-free Transfer Transactions

On the Aleph Zero network, a transaction typically costs 0.0003 $AZERO. Aleph Zero uses dynamic fee modification to stop spam.

5.Audited Security

The Aleph Zero Consensus Protocol has been formally peer-reviewed and approved for publication in the minutes of the Advances in Financial Technology 2019 meeting. The implementation of the consensus was audited by the Trail of Bits in 2021. The wider element of the network comes from Parity's board stack.

6.DEX and Decentralized Dark Pool

Common is the first product built on top of Aleph Zero. Common alleviates the problem of maximum extractable value (MEV) with its ultra-low latency and privacy-enhanced design. result? One of the cheapest and most user-friendly DEX on the market.

Aleph Zero Ecosystem 

Developers may synchronize their data and smart contracts with other blockchains thanks to the Aleph Zero privacy framework's support for all the major chains. Trade Azero with MEXC Global.

To achieve this goal, Aleph Zero is developing a unique consensus protocol, Aleph BFT, based on the DAG that integrates with the Substrate stack and enables broader adoption. Interplanetary File System & # 40; IPFS & # 41; System handles distributed file storage that enhances scalable private smart contracts on the network. The team is also working on a trusted wallet Common. This will significantly improve the user's decentralized exchange experience. In addition, a pure software-based framework based on the concept of zero-knowledge proof and secure multi-party computation called Liminal enables a multi-chain data protection layer that can be used as a bridge to Aleph Zero.

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