To Lie or not to Lie

Hello all, I've found myself to be caught between a rock and a hard place, and it's not something that is necessarily immoral. This is why I've come here to the most moral place on the internet for advice.

To preface, I am a second year student graduating this year in June. My state does this weird optional program in high school where you can get your associates degree from a local community college for free through dual HS/College credit. I initially did this because I thought that it would 1) save me a shit-ton of money 2) give me a competitive edge over my age group and 3) make me look cool. Boy was I an absolute fuckface for believing this.

At the time, I did not even know that BS could stand for anything other than 'bull shit' or 'bat shit', so I most definitely was not aware of the IB recruitment cycle and how strict its timelines are. Obviously, I wasn't thinking the first quarter of my first year (technically my junior year) that I'd be a finance extraordinaire, so I missed the recruitment cycle for Summer '22. After talking to a few guys at JP Morgan during my career exploration (late '21/early '22) and taking a metric shit ton of political economy classes, I got interested in DCM. I've done a bunch of independent learning about FICC and DCM itself, and I've done the classic modeling education and interview prep for the more 'sexy' IB roles as well. During the recruitment cycle for Summer '23, I psyched myself out, and I didn't apply for SA internships due to the earliest accepted graduation date being December of '23 (mine being June of '23).

At this point, I acknowledge that I fucked up. I will be graduating a month after my 20th birthday, yet, on paper, I am 'too old' to apply for an SA internship. Here's where y'all come in. As applications for Summer '24 SA internships come out, I need to make a decision:
1) Should I bend the truth and state that I will be graduating June 2025 (when the rest of my peers are graduating) to get a shot at an interview?
2) Find a job related to debt underwriting/origination to generate relevant line items for my resume (before applying to a FT analyst position)?
3) Apply directly to FT analyst positions with little experience?
4) Other
Big thanks to everyone in advance.

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