Advice On Corp. Strat Offer; Expires 10/13

I have recently obtained an internal consulting / corporate strategy offer from a top Asset Manager (BlackRock, PIMCO, Fidelity) and wanted to get advice regarding alignment with my future career goals. I want to eventually break into Restructuring, FS or PE consulting at firms such as LEK, Oliver Wyman, Alix, MBB. Would this role set me up strongly for a lateral candidate or will I have to go through and MBA in order to access those firms? I am also in a few interview processes I may want to take over this such as T2 Consulting, Deloitte, Amex Strat, Cap One Strat, FT Partners, Meta. What would be the consequences of reneging an offer like this if something better comes later down the line? For anyone who has done corp. strat. right out of undergrad. anything you loved or regretted? Appreciate the help!

Additional Info:
- Semi-Target GPA: 3.8
- Past strategy internships for product teams at asset managers


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