Career in asset management/fund management with an unrelated degree.

Hello all I have recently graduated from a non-target university studying Entrepreneurship. At Uni I started my own Business which helped me pay the bills and have a little extra spending money. However I am now at a dead end, I only made the equivalent of a good weekend/evening job and that doesn't really cut it now I have graduated.

Recently I had a few weeks at a financial advisors/wealth management firm and I really enjoyed the whole experience. I had a very basic role of speaking to and advising some clients and analysing their portfolios. While it was very enjoyable I know that I want to be in a faster paced environment and actually have the ability to invest in equities. Researching private business's has been a long term hobby of mine so transferring this obsesssion into a job that teaches me the appropriate skills as well as paying me would be ideal!

Following a month or so of networking and speaking to people in Asset Management and others on the buy side I now know it's what I want to get into, but, I don't know the best way to get there. I have had few weeks experience at a small financial advisers company but apart from that my CV is pretty empty. At the moment I am networking and trying to get some experience but my degree is completely unrelated and I don't have a huge amounts of contacts.

To move forward I am wondering whether it is worthwhile going to a business school and studying Finance. The schools that I am currently looking at are ESADE, IE, Cass, Essec and Edhec. However they are very expensive (so would be taking out a big loan) and I wouldn't be able to start till September 2014.

In your opinion if you were me how would you take your career forward?

I am new to this site so I understand if people can't be bothered to share their opinions, but I would be extremely grateful for any feedback.

Thank you in advance

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