How To Transition From Engineering To Finance

I am currently in my 4th year (5 year program) of Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo. The program is quite challenging and my class average is ~70-75%, my grades are decent but not amazing. I'll attach my resume below but I have worked software developer jobs, BA, and Product at a Fintech before. Anyway, I realized I don't like programming enough to be a Software Engineer. I'm ideally hoping to break into IBPEVC, or honestly anything finance related. My program has very few electives but I managed to take 1 finance course and have absolutely loved it. 

I have an offer for a product management internship for this summer, but I'm still hoping there is a chance I can get a finance one. Unfortunately, I have faced a lot of rejections and only 1 interview. I am wondering what a good strategy is for getting interviews, what places to apply to, etc? I still see a bunch of places with applications open - is it worth messaging recruiters on LinkedIn? Any advice would be much appreciated! 

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