I think I want to be a therapist..

I am graduating this year and set to start FT at a MM IB come June/July. I never truly loved finance, I was after the money (hey, still am), but I hate modeling. I have no interest in quant/compsci, and have been recently thinking about what my true passion is. 

I realized that I like career/relationship counseling, hell I think I would enjoy being a college counselor/advisor. Unfortunately, for me to pursue true counseling I need to obtain a Masters degree in Counseling.

Has anyone seen a pivot like this before? If I were to do ~2 yrs of banking then go to grad school for a Masters in Counseling vs MBA. I am currently a non-target, so say I wanted to jump back into finance down the road, would it be beneficial to get this Masters from a "top" school and say I have a degree from HSP, even though it is not a business degree?

Also, does anyone know what the career/salary trajectory would look like in this field? (obv a pay cut from the banking > PE trajectory, but perhaps if this is my true passion, I can spin something out of it down the road)

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