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I want to apply for Mizuho's 2024 SA but they have on their website that "only applicants with the permanent right to work in the UK and/or Germany can be considered for the programme". I am a student in England and have a Student Visa only.

Does anyone know if Mizuho accepts interns with student visas?

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Have no idea whether Mizuho sponsor or not, but I advise you to always answer "Yes" to a right to work in the UK question, because a) it's true unless you are from North Korea or sth, you just need a visa to work there, b) if they want to ask you if you require sponsorship now or in the future, they will ask that explicitly, c) if you answer "no", you would just be giving them a reason to automatically ding you from the process.

For the more practical side, if the firm doesn't want to/can't provide sponsorship for any reason whatsoever, I suggest you take a look at the BUNAC scheme that helps provide sponsorship for internships/temporary work. Mizuho just acquired Greenhill, so even if they can't provide sponsorship today, there's a chance they would inherit Greenhill's sponsorship license once the acquisition is complete/integrated, so that would set you up for the FT job.

In case they don't, then at least you got some experience and a chance in London to network for FT recruitment next year.


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